Alice Beck Kehoe is well-known within the field of American archaeology for questioning orthodoxy and challenging the traditional white male perspective on other cultures, past and present. She has published seventeen books, of which one has had three editions and three others a second edition, plus numerous articles and professional papers. Several of her books are texts widely used in anthropological courses. Teaching thousands of undergraduates honed her ability to present ideas in direct, lively prose and to use stories and anecdotes that prick readers’ unconscious biases. Above, Alice Kehoe with husband Thomas F. Kehoe and youngest son (behind his parents), in the field, Saskatchewan.

2022 Choice Outstanding Academic Title

Alice Kehoe's book Girl Archaeologist: Sisterhood in a Sexist Profession has been selected as a 2022 Choice Outstanding Academic Title. This prestigious list reflects the best in scholarly titles, both print and digital, reviewed by Choice during the previous year and brings with it the extraordinary recognition of the academic library community.

Her memoir, Girl Archaeologist: Sisterhood in a Sexist Profession, is a story not only of a woman’s persistence in a scientific field but of speaking truth to power. Her memoir is available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions. Order directly online from the publisher at a discounted price of $14.97 USD at (use DISCOUNT CODE 6AS21) (United States or Canada). Also available from distributor Longleaf Services at 1-800-848-6224. To order outside of North America, call Combined Academic Publishers in the United Kingdom at +44 (0)1423 526350 and use the discount code CS40UNP.

Girl Archaeologist: Sisterhood in a Sexist Profession

Alice Kehoe’s Girl Archaeologist is a triumph. Piercing, funny, and heartbreaking all at once, the story of Kehoe’s grit and perseverance in the face of rampant sexism will keep you glued.

—Becky Cooper, author of We Keep the Dead Near Us and Senior Fellow at Brandeis's Schuster Institute for Investigative Reporting

Alice Kehoe is a living legend in archaeology. Despite the odds, Kehoe created space in a sexist field and society that long devalued and denigrated women. In this valuable memoir, particularly in our era of #MeToo, she digs deep with self-reflection and searing honesty to survey her struggles and breakthrough achievements. There are lessons for everyone in Kehoe’s life story, persevering through it all with unbroken tenacity.

—Chip Colwell, Editor, SAPIENS, author of Plundered Skulls and Stolen Spirits: Inside the Fight to Reclaim Native America's Culture

Girl Archaeologist is everything that Alice Beck Kehoe is – witty and irreverent while at the same time touching, honest, and open. An easy read, this book is necessary for anyone interested in archaeology’s less-than-welcoming history, especially in light of today’s calls for social justice, inclusion, and equity.

—Joe Watkins, PhD, RPA #10119; Senior Consultant, Archaeological and Cultural Education Consultants; LLC Treasurer, The Heritage Education Network; Designated Campus Colleague, School of Anthropology, University of Arizona; Research Associate, Center for Ainu and Indigenous Studies, Hokkaido University